Thursday, October 8, 2009


Namiki pen, india ink and wash on 9X12 Canson watercolor paper.


RW said...

"Hey Joe, where are you going with that pen in your hand?" Nice drawings, by the way! And working on the Simpsons program—that's pretty damn cool. I remember seeing my first Simpsons cartoon in a movie theater, way back when, when some theaters still showed cartoons before the feature film. Now, you'll probably see ads for used cars and vinyl siding instead.

I did not see an email link on your blogsite so I decided to leave this as a comment under your most recent post. I use Blogger as well. My website is

Dee and I have been in South Carolina twenty years, but the last five summers or so we've spent in Pennsylvania, at Blue Knob Resort. Next spring we will be building a log house there, and in the future probably spend more time in PA than just summers. We'll still head south for the coldest part of the winter.

During the 07-08 school year we taught English in Russia, in Moscow and nearby. We loved it, and are looking forward to going back , perhaps in 2011. Meanwhile we keep in touch with our good friends there via emails, and Skype. You won't meet nicer people than the Russians, when you get to know them, as we did living and working there. And seeing Red Square at night, in itself, is worth the trip. Next time we hope to see more of the countryside and villages. We also made a side trip by train to Kiev, in the Ukraine, and met some nice people there as well. One time a lady passing by heard us asking for directions to the Russian Embassy, and offered to walk us to the door, which she did!

Bring us up to date on what's happening in your life. Marriage? Our six children totally ignored our warning that "sex causes teenagers" and now we have 14 grandchildren. The oldest, in fact, just became a teenager. We also have a cat named Elmer Knievel and two dogs, Maggie and Reggie. Feeling a bit "pet weary", we might find a home for the dogs before we move to our new house. Elmer is pretty much low maintenance so we likely will keep him.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Bob Wassam

PS-- You are still playing music I presume. The mandolin started sounding too "tinny" for my liking, so more than 25 years ago I built an Irish bouzouki. It is still my instrument of choice, although I don't play that often anymore. I seem to divert more energy to other pursuits. As screwed up as this world might be, there's still a helluva lot of stuff to grab our attention!

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